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雖然說是 alpha 版,還是先把目前的成果 release 給有興趣的朋友修改。 :)



可以先用原廠的 boot.img

  • 單純 AOSP 是沒法編譯出可以動的 boot.img,得透過打包工具將 kernel & ramdisk.img 拼起來。
  • ASUS 對 init 做了不少修改,所以就算拼湊出 boot.img,相機/WiFi/BT.. 都完全沒法用,如果不使用自行編譯的 init 其實整個 ramdisk.img 跟原廠的沒什麼兩樣。
  • 測試過原廠的 boot.img 相對穩定許多。:)

編譯 CM11 開機 audio driver 無法正確載入

  • audio policy 設定出錯,無法設定 output device,推測應該有個 library 得用原廠的。
  • 如果硬要用其實可以刪除 (或跳過) /system/lib/hw/audio*,然後在螢幕還沒關起來的狀態下將聲音設定都關閉,可以稍微正常使用。


  • GPS:gpsd 會 crash
  • ARM program:AOSP 4.4.x 沒有整合 Houdini,不過可以參考 GeeksPhone 的 patch
  • SDCARD:看起來應該是權限或者路徑設定問題,需要 patch。這會造成相機可以 preview 但無法存檔。
  • Video:codec 沒有成功載入。

暫不提供編譯好的 system.img

  • 家裡網路怪怪的,上傳會失敗,請有能力編譯有空間的朋友幫忙產生一版吧。 :)
  • 編譯前請先接上手機執行,會從手機上將必要的檔案拉回來編譯 (../../../vendor/asus)

Still in alpha stage, but I think it is better to release early and people interested in AOSP build for ZenFone can jump in :)

Use stock boot.img

  • Of course you can use my tool to pack kernel and ramdisk.img, but BT/WiFi/Camera ... won't work because lots of propietary library only work with init modified by ASUS.
  • Stock boot.img works fine with custom AOSP build .. for now you can just trust it.

Malfunction component

  • GPS: gpsd crashes
  • Program written for ARM platform: Houdini is not integrated in AOSP 4.4.x, but I think we can use the patch from GeeksPhone
  • SD Card: Permission or path configuration issue I thought
  • Video: Not fully tested but most of my test files cannot be played..

For CM11

  • You can build for CM11, but you should remove audio* and uncheck all sound releated settings after boot.
  • Need patch from GeeksPhone

For recovery

  • Never have time to build and test :(

花了不少時間上傳,未來會持續整理這篇文章。 (ASUS webstorage) (MediaFire) (MEGA)

Known issues

  • LED indicator always on
  • Error reading SIM Contacts
  • Error detecting headset
  • No auto mobile networking
  • Slow start of video play


  • Remove GPS
  • Recovery



  • Camera: video recording is working
  • Video: working with long loading time
  • BT & GPS: due to deep integration in framework layer they won't work until ASUS release the code .. or reverse engineering :p
  • Phone: auto mobile networking won't work, same reason above.
  • Built-in SuperSU
  • Add build.a501cg.prop
  • Add Settings / MMS / Telephony configuration
  • APN: working
  • ART: should be working again


  • Houdini is enabled :)
  • WiFi: working
  • Storage: both internel / external sdcard working
  • Vibrator: working
  • Music: at least mp3 is working
  • Screen rotation: working
  • Screenshot: broken preview but content is ok
  • Phone: you have to select operator manually
  • Camera: front / back / flash light working, can take picture (slow)/panorama, video content is broken
  • GPS: broken
  • BT: broken .. can turn on for a while
  • Video: broken
  • Indicator: broken, it's always on

2014-11-29 First alpha release

  • can boot, woot ! ;-)
  • only tested on ZenFone 5 (T00F)

How to use

Simple version

Long version

  • not finished yet

How to build one ?

  • RTFM here :
  • git clone and place the folder in device/asus/a500cg
  • source build/ && lunch aosp_a500cg-userdebug && make -j4
  • for system.img: out/target/product/a500cg/system.img
  • for kernel: out/target/product/a500cg/kernel
  • for ramdisk.img: out/target/product/a500cg/ramdisk.img
  • for creating bootable boot.img: out/host/linux-x86/bin/pack_intel device/asus/a500cg/blobs/boot-ww- kernel ramdisk.img new_boot.img